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Shoes for various stages of pregnancy
Sep 15, 2015
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Shoes for various stages of pregnancy

Wearing the right kind of shoes during the various stages of pregnancy is a must. You can choose from an array of footwear to make a chic statement.


Belly Shoes

Trendy yet light in weight, these can be worn with every outfit. Belly shoes have a beautiful design and shape. Available in various design, like bow-tie, toe shape, rounded shape, these help in stopping swelling of feet during the months of pregnancy.


Platform shoes

Said to be the most comfortable footwear a pregnant woman can own, platform shoes have flat soles, and the width of the shoe is medium. The sole gives you extra ease and space to your toe section. No wonder then that these are the most preferred by those whose feet swell as pregnancy progresses.



These are considered as soft, comfortable shoes which fit every pregnant woman's feet. Crocs have an orthotic moulded foot, which gives comfort and support to lower legs, knees, hips and lower back.



Easy to wear and get out of, these casual ballet flat style shoes can be worn during different seasons.


Flat Boots

The round shape gives enough toe space. The material usually used in making boots are plush and removes all chances of roughness between your boots and your feet, making them more easier to wear.


Source : thetimesofindia