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terrace garden
Aug 17, 2015
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That little terrace garden you can call your own

Modern day homes don't really come with the luxury of huge gardens or terraces and guess that's the reason why we have stopped having greenery around our private spaces. But then, what's stopping from having that enviable little garden of yours?


And, if you are wondering how's that going to take shape, here's a look at 5 amazing tips to convert your little terrace into a cosy garden.


Design an outline- With a limited space availability, you ought to restrict your garden and the best way of doing the same is by designing an outline. Pre-decide the space for plants, furniture and more.


Next comes the theme- Choose a theme around which you will base your little garden- it can be a rock garden or one which has a water body in the middle, say a sweet little fountain.


Pick up the right plants- Choosing the right plants is the most important thing to keep in mind when building a terrace garden. Try opting for plants which have shallow or short roots for planting on the terrace or else they'll require a lot of maintenance. Cacti varieties are best for terraces since they are low on maintenance and so are plants with deeper roots. You can also opt for the readily available bonsai and money plants.


Designer pots- Time to do away with the boring pots, instead make space for new designer pots widely available in cute shapes of various animals. These pots will make the terrace more visually appealing.


Throw in some furniture- A small outdoor swing or a cane recliner is all you need to breathe life into this lovely space. If you've got the luxury of a bigger space, buy a sweet canopy which can make the setting an all weather one.


Source : thetimesofindia