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5 tips to avoid gardening injuries
Aug 17, 2015
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5 tips to avoid gardening injuries


1) During monsoons and winters, do a bit of warm-up before gardening. Because gardening requires stretching and other exercise motions, its best to approach it like a workout.


2) Don't attempt a single task for more than 20 minutes. Make sure you bend your knees and use your leg muscles to dig, rather than bending and using the muscles in your back.


3) For people with back problem, it is essential to have the right tools. Use long-handled equipment to reduce the need to bend.


4) Use gloves to avoid injuries, including insect bites or those caused by gardening equipment


5) Use organic pesticide to avoid accidental poisoning. You can make compost by using wet waste from your kitchen.


Source : thetimesofindia